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Squadron is a SharePoint 2010 Utility Plugins application.


Following are the utility plugins inside Squadron.

1. User Profile plugin to generate User Profile information

2. My Site plugin to generate My Site information

3. Site Size plugin to generate Site Size information

4. WF Terminator to locate and terminate unwanted workflows

5. Stsadm command line environment

Context help can be invoked through the Help button for each Plugin selection.

Please note that in future more utility plugins will be added.


I kept the name as Squadron because I liked the meaning in Word Web as “Squadron: A cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops and headquarters and supporting arms”

Squadron Architecture

The project named Squadron serves as the core application which dynamically loads the plugins.



MainForm serves the user interface and serves as the container for plugins.


On form load the plugin DLL files are searched and the corresponding plugin classes are loaded. 


AddinManager class uses Reflection to load the plugins from application folder.



AbstractAddin represents the abstract class for all plugin.



Jean Paul (SharePoint Server MVP)


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